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Most homes suffer from performance problems ranging from inflated energy consumption, to poor thermal comfort and indoor air quality issues.

In Arizona, 20-40% of the energy we use in our homes is lost due to inefficiency.

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We Ensure a Comfortable, Safe, Energy Efficient home


In a typical house, about 25 to 35% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks or improper installation. Fixing duct leaks can save you $200 or more in annual energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.” – SRP
“In Arizona’s desert climate, about 50% of your annual energy bill is typically spent on running your heating and cooling system. Fixing duct leaks could save you more than $200 in your annual energy costs while improving the comfort of your home.” – APS
“There are more than a million miles of duct work in U.S. homes; and industry experts estimate that more than two-thirds of them are leaky enough to justify sealing or repair” – Dept of Energy


Home Performance  ENERGY STAR® Audit

Your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit will check the following:

Exterior of the Home - Look for structural issues, safety issues, gas leaks, thermal bypasses, building envelope penetrations and air barrier issues, including windows.

Interior of the Home, including the attic – Identify thermal and pressure boundaries of home and identify locations of misalignment. Inspect insulation and document type, coverage and condition, HVAC system and ducts, check condition of windows, weather stripping.  Identify locations of heat gain and loss using infrared camera and document. Perform blower door testing to determine airflow, leakage and imbalance issues and document.

Identify health and safety issues, including CO levels and gas leaks. Locate combustion appliance zones and test for safety. 

Your Audit will also provide you with a detailed report that includes findings and recommendations for retrofits per BPI Building Envelope Professional standards including estimated savings and return on investment.

Don’t settle for less, insist on a BPI Certified Building Analyst/Energy Auditor


Our Mission

At AZ Renewable Energy Measures, our mission is to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and improve the comfort and indoor air quality of their homes. We accomplish this by recommending a wide range of home energy efficiency solutions. Many homeowners are taking advantage of rebates and other incentives to invest in home efficiency upgrades.


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